SJBBC Workshop
(Tuesday, March 26 7:30 PM)

Main focus of this month’s workshop is to prepareour bonsai for the upcoming Spring Bonsai Exhibition.  Work includes cleaning pots, top-dressing, wiring adjustments,and other grooming activities such as touching up branches.

TOBAN: San Jose #1 members

Beginner’s Workshop

March Beginner’s Workshop is scheduled for thiscoming Sunday, March 17 1:00-4:00pm at Gary and Takako Atkinson’s home at 527Chynoweth Ave., San Jose.

Show Plant Names

Pleasesubmit the names of the bonsai and suiseki to John Kitagawa by April 1 usingthe form in this newsletter.  List allbonsai that you are planning to display at the show and even the ones that youare not sure of showing.  John will bepreparing the display labels based on the information you provided.  If you bring the bonsai which is not on thelist, we won’t have any label for it.

Show Setup

April 5 2:00 p.m. -- Please come to help with the show setup.  Your time and efforts will be always appreciated.

April 5 6:00 p.m. -- We will be accepting show bonsai and suiseki at this time.

SJBBC 32nd Annual Bonsai Exhibit 4/6-7

4/6Saturday 12:00pm – 5:00pm and 4/7 Sunday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  Demonstrations at 2:00 PM both days by “Mr.California Juniper” Harry Hirao from Huntington Beach, CA.  Plants, pots and tools will be on sale.  There will also be raffles and doorprizes.  Come, help, and have fun at theshow!

·        FoodPreparation:  Chairpersonfor each district group should have contacted every member for help with thefood preparation.  We would like eachmember to help out.                                                             
(Toban:   4/6 – San Jose #1; 4/7- San Jose #2 members)

·        NameTags:  Your clubname tag will be there at the show. Everyone is encouraged to wear their name tags and happi coats at theshow!

·        Door Prizes and Plant Sales Plants Donation: Please bring 2 or 3plants or more for a door prize or the plant sales table.  These may be brought in on Friday evening orbefore the start of the show on Saturday.

·        Dais:  Remember to bring your bonsai with dai.  If you don’t have a dai to display a bonsai,call the club to arrange for dai.

·        Show Helpers:  Members may get a call from work areachairperson for work assignments. Please help out as much as possible.

Harry Hirao Workshop

Workshop withHarry Hirao is scheduled for April 7 Sunday morning (8:00am to 12 noon) at SanJose Betsuin.  Harry’s workshop is verypopular, so please sign up with John Kitagawa as soon as possible before allthe slots are taken.  Bring your owntree or order a California juniper from Harry. To order from Harry, please contact John Kitagawa by April 1.  Nominal workshop fee will be charged.

Website for SJBBC

We now have awebsite (  Ifyou have a computer access, please visit the site and send any comment toKanehiro Hamajima at

Last Call for 2002 Club Dues

If you have not yet paid the club dues for 2002, please send a checkmade out to “San Jose Betsuin Bonsai Club” to Mrs. Ruth Ishizaki at 2018 Yorkshire Way, Mountain View, CA 94040.