Japanese black pine grafting by Seiji Shiba.

Black pine stock 3-4 years old
Scion from other pine (Nishiki, Arakawa, Miyajima..)
Raffia string
Sphagnum moss
Plastic bag
Grafting knife or Exact knife
A piece of wood

Grafting should be done in dormant season.

Look for a healthy candle for scion. Cut and remove all needles except about 10 from the top.

Cut the scion in two directions
1.Very narrow angle (15 degree) to make long slanted cut.
2. Large angle (45 degree) to trim the tip of the back of the first cut.

It is most important to use a very sharp knife so as not to crush the cambium. Look which way the candle is growing.

Remove the soil to show the root of the stock tree. Cut will be made as close as to the root (.25 to 0.5 inch). Cut should be made first into softer skin then further into cambium and into harder wood.

The scion is set so that the cambium of the shoot and that of the stock are in contact.
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