Meeting snap shots

Nov.18 2017 Soil Mixing Party
Sept. 27 2011 Rock planting by Rick Mirabel

January 26, 2010

Princes persimmon propagation by Seiji Shiba

Sept. 28th 2004 Mitsuya-san
April 17-18 Bonsai Exhibit 04
January 14-15th 2004 Dig with Harry Hirao
December 19 2003 Marco Invernizzi
September 2003 Mitsuya-san
June 7th 2003 Iro-Kai
February 7th, 2003 New Year Party
November 23rd, 2002 Bonsai Sketching
September 24th, 2002
September 8th, 2002 Tokiwa-san workshop
August 27th, 2002
June 8th, 2002 Irokai
Aprl 23, 2002
April 6-7 Bonsai Exhibition 02
March 26, 2002
February 26, 2002
Photo by Gary Atkinson

Finally, secrets are revealed !!
January 22, 2002
Japanese black pine grafting by Seiji Shiba.
This technique is essential to start your Japanese pine bonsai properly. This provide the lower branches needed to simulate the naturally grown full size pine tree.

Before and after of bonsai shaping
Juniper gets a major hair cut